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​10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

By Jaclyn Gannon March 21, 2017
​10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring is here and it’s time for some spring cleaning. Here’s a list of what you’ll want to focus on when it comes to spring cleaning your home. What are you waiting for? Grab some gloves and the supplies you need and go down the list.

1. Get rid of junk

It’s easy to collect a lot of stuff you simply don’t need. Before you start deep cleaning, it’s best to get rid of things you don’t use. Eliminating clutter, whether clothes, old shoes, games you never play, or junk mail, can be very freeing. Take your old clothes to a local donation center (like Goodwill) or have a small yard sale. You may even find places to post items for sale online. You can use the extra cash from selling things you don’t need to buy cleaning supplies or tools to keep your home more organized going forward.

2. Clean the drains

Another dreaded task is cleaning out those clogged and often stinky drains.You’ll want to clean out all the drains in your home including not only the shower drain, but also the drains in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Like in other cleaning we’ve referenced, baking soda and vinegar will be your best friend. Try a half cup of baking soda first and then a cup of vinegar.

3. Change your filters

Spring is in the air, but so are several allergens including dust mites and pollen. After a long winter, and with spring in full swing, it’s time to change your HVAC or furnace filters. Are there other filters you should change as well. What about water filters? You may even go one step further and think about cabin air filters in your car. Stay allergy free this spring by filtering out harmful allergens.

4. Clean under furniture

When was the last time you cleaned underneath the bed? Understandably, vacuuming and getting to those hard-to-reach places can be difficult, but every so often, it’s important to move furniture and clean under it. A lot of the allergens in your home are found in your carpet, so it’s crucial that you take some time to keep your carpet fresh and clean.

5. Clean the kitchen

Wondering what that strange smell in the kitchen is? Check underneath your refrigerator and oven for moldy scraps of old food. And even if there’s no odor, there could still be old food trapped underneath your appliances. Safely pull out your oven and refrigerator and clean. You may want to clean the insides of your appliances first. If you can, unplug your refrigerator and briefly remove all the food and deep clean the inside. Use the self cleaning feature on your oven and scrub off excess residue. Clean your dishwasher out using baking soda and vinegar or even orange tang.

6. Clean the laundry room

Don’t forget about the washer and dryer. To clean your washer, run your machine on empty with hot water. Next, add cleaning agents like distilled white vinegar and baking soda or bleach. Let it sit for a half hour to an hour and then restart the washer to allow the water and cleaners to drain out. Wipe out the inside of the washer. Make sure your dryer is clean and free from lint. Check around both the washer and dryer for debri. Pull the machines out and clean under and around them.

7. Clean the blinds

So much dust can accumulate on your blinds. If you have cheaper vinyl blinds that are exceptionally dirty, you may consider just replacing them altogether. If you have wooden blinds, you may want to get a dusting tool.

8. Clean the garage

Cleaning the garage is often a big undertaking, so it’s common to dread the task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t try to knock it all out at once. Start by removing unused boxes and old tools or sporting equipment. Take a day on that and then do a day of cleaning. There’s no rush. Remember that progress is progress regardless of how slow that progress my seem. Consider using a pressure washer to clean the garage floor.9. Clean the carpet

Though the carpet underneath furniture can pick up a lot of dust, often the carpet you walk on every day can be even more filled with allergens. After vacuuming, call a carpet cleaning company that uses gentle cleaner and doesn’t leave residue on your carpets. After seeing the results of a deep carpet cleaning, you’ll likely be surprised by how dirty your carpets actually were.

10. Wash your windows

See the world more clearly by giving your windows a nice interior and exterior wash. Consider hiring someone to take care of the outside, or get the right equipment and do it yourself.


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