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11 Household Products Affecting Your Health Now

By Ronnie Piper December 1, 2017
11 Household Products Affecting Your Health Now

There are a number of household products that are harmful to your indoor air quality. The reason? These products have chemicals that get released in the air and affect your health. While some release a scent, a number of them are odorless.

In the study of indoor air quality the term VOCs or volatile organic compounds is used to refer to chemicals released into the air as gases from liquids and in some cases solids. VOCs are in more household items than the average person realizes. They're simply products found within every day products or byproducts of a combination of chemicals in them.

Looking for evidence of Household products with VOCs? They're definitely there, they're just being masked by other things you've come to accept. Most household products with VOCs are all around in the form of scents you've come to expect when you use common products. For example, if you decide to paint a wall in your living room, it makes sense that the smell of paint lingers in the air, right? That scent is really just masking the chemicals that are affecting you with every breath you take.

In recent years thankfully, probably because of increased regulations, policies and statutes, the companies producing these household items have been required to state that you should ventilate the area properly when using the product. VOCs can also compromise your indoor air when they are not disposed of properly. In some cases soil contamination under homes and buildings have endangered the clean air indoors.

Wonder where these so called "VOCs"? The following is a list of everyday household items that you use frequently or are exposed to anytime you stay home or remain in the office.

Here is a list of 11 Household Products and the Harmful Chemicals in Them:

Household products like paint have harmful chemicals that can hurt your health

1. Nail Polish Remover, Furniture Polish –
The common chemical ingredient is acetone, an organic compound that is colorless, volatile and flammable.

2. Paint, Glue, Cigarettes – Cigarettes, paint and glue contain the organic chemical compound benzene. It is a natural part of crude oil and is a documented cause of cancer and other relatable illnesses.

3. Candles,Cigarettes – The emission of smoke from both candles and cigarettes produce butanal, a colorless organic compound with an acidic scent.

4. Mothballs and Deodorizers – Mothball and deodorizers have been a household staples for ages. It contains dichlorobenzene, a fumigant insecticide largely used in mothballs but can also be found in deodorizers. It is commonly in solid form that turns into toxic gas.

5. Glass Cleaner, Dish washing Detergent, Laundry Detergents – Ethanol is an organic compound that is volatile, flammable and colorless and found in glass cleaner and dish washing and laundry detergent. It is used as an antiseptic, solvent, antidote, and as an alternate fuel source.


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