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Defend Yourself Against Christmas Tree Syndrome

By Ronnie Piper December 6, 2017
Defend Yourself Against Christmas Tree Syndrome

What in the world is Christmas tree syndrome? Christmas tree syndrome is a real thing. It refers to pollen, dust, mold and other allergens that enter your home along with the beautiful 10-foot Christmas tree you just bought and carried into your home.

In short your allergies may be because of your fresh cut Christmas tree. You need to be aware that even if you change your air filters on time and seasonally, have a humidifier in every room and use your vacuum cleaner with a hepa-filter daily, you could still succumb to allergies because of that tree.

Symptoms of Christmas Tree Syndrome

The symptoms aren't particularly different from your average allergy reactions. Some people come down with wheezing and coughing whilst others may experience itchy noses and watery eyes.

Fighting Christmas Tree Syndrome

Christmas Tree Syndrome only occurs if you get a real Christmas tree to showcase your ornaments and shadow your presents. You could opt for the plastic tree alternative to avoid the syndrome. If a real tree is a must have here are some tips to minimize the possibility of suffering from allergens that hitched a ride into your home with your tree:

Consider turning your garden hose onto your Christmas tree, then letting it dry before bringing it into the family room. In some cases nurseries provide tree washing for a nominal fee or in some cases for free.

Ornaments enjoy quite a lifetime. Some ornaments are passed down from generation to generation while others are borrowed and others are made from scratch. In any case before
hanging them on your fir, clean them thoroughly. After the Christmas season passes, clean the ornaments before storing them away in the attic or closet for the next year until it's
Christmas time again.

If you have an air purifier, bring it into the den or other room where the Christmas tree stands tall in its bedazzled ornaments. The air purifier should make a dent in the possibility of
having allergens released into your immediate surroundings.

Be proactive and get your garden variety allergy medication so if you being to experience allergies, you won't have to take time out of being with family to go to your allergist or
general/family practitioner.

Consider getting rid of your Christmas tree earlier than usual. The less time the tree spends indoors, the better.

Start your holiday with a brand new quality air filter.


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