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QualityAirFilters.com Team Gives Back This Holiday Season

By Jaclyn Gannon December 21, 2016

Our team participated in the BEARing Gifts program and helped provide gifts to underprivileged children by shopping for requested toys from the donation shop and loading them into car caravans for the drivers to take to the local CPS office. We also organized the donated toys into categories so they could be easily found and selected. We invite you, as well, to share some cheer during the holidays.

Three Ways to Reduce Winter Allergens in Your Home

By Jaclyn Gannon December 12, 2016

Sneezing, coughing, and wheezing, oh my! The cold winter months bring not only viruses, but also harmful allergens that can keep you feeling lousy for quite some time. The good news is that reducing allergens in your home is probably a lot more simple than you think. Here are three quick ways to keep allergens at bay this winter.

​Baby It’s Cold Outside: Preparing your Home for the Holidays

By Jaclyn Gannon December 7, 2016

Seasons change, and so should your home. The colder months bring freezing winter weather which means the danger of frozen pipes, and frigid temperatures also mean you’ll need to have your heater in top working order. Here are four quick considerations to make when preparing your home not just for the winter, but also for the holiday season.

Filtered News: Bringing You Only The Good Stuff

By Jaclyn Gannon October 21, 2016 Articles