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I Live Alone and I Am Rarely Home, Do I Really Need to Change My Air Filter?

July 27, 2015
I Live Alone and I Am Rarely Home, Do I Really Need to Change My Air Filter?

You have a busy life. You’re working, you’re dating and you’re spending time with friends and family. Since you’re rarely home, how much should you really need to worry about your HVAC filter? Is constantly changing air filters just a waste of time and money?

Short answer: you still need to be regularly changing your air filter even if you’re not at home as often as most people. In order to understand why, we need to examine why air filters need to be regularly replaced in the first place.

Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Change Their Air Filters

Regardless of how much time is spent at home, everybody with a HVAC system needs to regularly replace their air filters. Changing air filters provides a number of benefits:

  • Decreased electric bill. For most people, it doesn’t matter if you’re home or not – your HVAC system is going to keep running to maintain an ideal temperature for when you return home. While some people only turn on turn on their HVAC when they return home, some evidence suggests that having to catch up to the ideal temperature quickly will consume the same electricity as keeping it on all the time. As such, your air filter will still be used daily, regardless of which method you employ. Regularly changing your air filter keeps your electric bill at a minimum. This is because the air flows through the vent as intended with a clean filter. However, a dirty filter will obstruct air flow, meaning that the entire system will have to work harder to achieve the same results. In addition to a higher bill each month, working harder than intended will mean the unit will need to be serviced more often.
  • Improved efficiency. A clean filter allows your HVAC system to work precisely as intended. These days, that means providing you with exactly the desired temperature incredibly quickly. Whether you’re in need of the heater or the air conditioner, you’ll find that most modern HVAC systems achieve the desired results quicker than those installed even a decade ago. However, a dirty air filter greatly limits this efficiency. Instead of having the air filtered quickly before leaving the system, the air flow and overall system processes will be obstructed and slowed down. The system will not heat or cool your home as quickly as it was designed.
  • Higher quality of air. The primary function of HVAC air filters is to protect the sensitive equipment involved in the entire system. However, a pleasant secondary benefit is helping keep your air clean of unnecessary indoor pollutants. A clean air filter will help keep dust, debris and dander from being unnecessarily spread throughout your house. However, a dirty air filter will actually lead to an increased amount of indoor air pollutants as pieces break off and spread throughout your home with every cycle.
  • Yes, People Who Live Alone Must Replace Air Filters

    Replacing your air filters is a required task for everyone with a HVAC system. Doing so keeps it working optimally and efficiently. You’ll appreciate the cleaner air and lowered electric bill.


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